Godin Bad PPT
Seth Godin
Echt schlechtes PowerPoint
(und wie man es vermeidet)
PDF 16 pages, 1 MB

The original edition:
Seth Godin, Really Bad PowerPoint
(and how to avoid it)
PDF 10 pages, 800 KB

This short text by American marketing guru Seth Godin was published in 2001. It marks the beginning of a higher awareness towards presentation techniques in the media age. Seth is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and a seasoned presenter. BusinessWeek called him “The Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age”. Seth keeps a very interesting weblog.
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Dan Roam
The 10 1/2 Commandments of Visual Thinking
PDF 14 pages 900 KB

Using our innate ability to see — both with our eyes and our mind’s eye — gives us entirely new ways to discover hidden ideas, develop those ideas intuitively, and then share those ideas with other people in a way they are simply going to “get”. (Dan Roam)

A wonderful inspiration to just get started…
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The Art of Rhetoric
PDF 700 KB (247 pages)

We are desparately looking for a German version of Aristotle’s Rhetoric; if you can help us with this please drop us a line.
Arthur Schopenhauer
The Art of Controversy
PDF 47 pages, 300 KB

Arthur Schopenhauer
Die Kunst, Recht zu behalten
PDF 51 Seiten, 300 KB