About Paule
Paule Gina Wendelberger is an American who has been living and working in Germany for more than 30 years. She finished her studies in psychology and philosophy in the U.S., is fluent in English, German and French and has many years of successful experience in the challenging field of business communication, management and personnel training. Being born in the Caribbean and raised in a multicultural environment has given her the foundation and the proper credentials to work with internationally operating companies such as BASF, Evonik, Henkel, Sasol, Schott and others. Over the last five years, Paule has been working as a lecturer at the Cologne Business School as well as at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef.
Paule’s philosophy
“A great part of personal success consists in balancing the challenges of our globalized world through equipping oneself as well as others by offering: know-how, effective tools, methods, approaches, resources, reinforcement and the appropriate skills. Over the past decades I have been assisting hundreds of employees — apprentices as well as high potentials and students — throughout major companies or universities in this endeavor.”
Commentaries on Paule’s seminars
“Your training changed my thinking on presentations in a very positive way, and illustrated some cultural divergences between Americans and Germans to me as well. The main thing I learned from your course is that a catchy story is most important to get the audience and to transport the message. Thanks for that inspiring training!”

— Melanie Jungkamp, Evonik Industries

“The feedback from the participants after the courses was extraordinary. Even senior managers were absolutely enthusiastic about the learnings from this seminar. Because of the experienced and absolutely constructive feedback Paule Wendelberger gives to the participants she enables every person to get the best out of him- / herself. This in combination with her very concrete and hands-on suggestions has motivated and enabled the trainees to apply the new learnings directly to their presentation work.”

— Dr. Brigitte Skalsky, Evonik Industries

Paule Wendelberger Coach