Derek Sivers — Zen master of motivation

What if somebody approached you with the task to hold a meaningful presentation about a topic of your choice in order to motivate a crowd of complete strangers? And if that wasn’t enough to scare the living daylight out of you, the timeframe given lies somewhere between two and five minutes. How would you approach this task? What topic would you choose? What stories would you tell and how would you tell them? Here is your chance to learn from a master. Enjoy these presentations by musician and entrepreneur Derek Sivers.

The presentations speak for themselves, they are masterpieces of motivational talk. Derek Sivers chooses his stories very carefully to create a connection with his listeners. He focuses on one key message and takes the time to reinforce it. His presentations are so easy to follow that the conclusions he draws seem to fall into place almost by themselves. Derek Sivers caught our attention some time ago when his presentation, Weird, or just different?, inspired us to this article.