Kurt Tucholsky’s advice for speakers

Kurt Tucholsky blue

It is amazing how much good advice for presenters you can get on the internet. Last time we did a Google search we got about 122 million hits for the key words “presentation tips”. That is a lot. You might think bad presenters should be an endangered species by now. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. How little has changed over the last 90 years becomes obvious when you read the following two pieces by German journalist, satirist and writer Kurt Tucholsky, publicized 1930 under the pseudonym Peter Panter. You get the feeling they could have been written yesterday. Continue┬áreading...

Managing Complexity

Presentation coach Paule Wendelberger talks about her method of preparing meaningful presentations and dealing with complex topics. Watch this inspirational video to get tips and tricks on how to structure your content.